Journey's Heir

We Be Goblins!

After their previous adventures, Reta Bigbad, Chuffy Lickwound, and Mogmurch were now well renowned goblin heroes among the Licktoad tribe. Yesterday, the tribe discovered that one of their own had been using forbidden arts and engaged in one of the most heinous of crimes — writing things down. After branding his face with scribbles, they swiftly ran Scribbleface out of town, took all his stuff, and burned down his hut. However, inside of his hut was found a map and a lot of fireworks.

This morning, Chief Gutwad announced that there would be a grand feast tonight in order to drive out any lingering bad luck. The heroes were also secretly invited to meet at his Moot House. They arrived and Chief Gutwad praised them for being heroes, "That you aren't fleeing in terror from mighty sound of my voice is all the proof you should need." He told them about the map, and that he figured the map most likely led to even more fireworks! The heroes set off the very next day after a very strong night of merriment.

Into Brinestump Marsh they went, following the path that would lead to more fire sparkles. Not too long on their journey they were suddenly ambushed by Lotslegs Eat Goblin Babies Many, which most goblins were scared of, but not them. With their confidence, they quickly dispatched the giant spider and quickly moved on in their quest. Finally, they made it to the location on the map, a shipwreck that had been decorated with rags and many goblin skeletons. This must be the lair of Vorka, the cannibal, they realized.

After being attacked by a horse, and accidentally knocking down a wasp nest, they boarded the ship, where they found Vorka and her minions. Dogs. Lots of dogs. Seeing all the dogs, they were enraged and killed all of them, taking the treasure and glory back to their village where they were celebrated again.

We Be Whelps!

The Sandpoint Hinterlands is an area where many adventurers go to begin their journeys as it's a well known area with many monsters and rumors surrounding it. It's also a very popular place for goblins to make their homes and the Licktoad goblins make their home in the Brinestump Marsh. When goblins have children they lock them up in a cage that the weak ones are filtered out. These whelps rise from their cage to begin their quest to become true Licktoad goblins.  Of course Kettlehead was the premier goblin since he was much larger than the other whelps and had proven his superiority by bullying the others with divine noogies and stick poking. Further to prove how great he was he had fashioned himself an impressive hat from a teapot. The only other goblins that may have even stood a bit of a chance in comparison to him were Poog, Chuffy Lickwound, Reta Bigbad, and Mogmurch.

The day finally came that they could be freed from their cage and this was done by the Whelp-wrangler Loptop. After lining the PCs and some other goblin whelps up for their assessment, excusing Kettlhead because of his obvious superiority, the tribe gave the whelps four challenges to complete, each successful challenge awarding a badge.

The first challenge, Animal Fiendship, was completed by capturing a very large spider and tying a knot around it. This was completed by all the goblins but not without getting bit a few times. The second challenge, Happy Beat, was a challenge where the whelps had to injure themselves as entertainingly as possible to entertain the tribe. While a few passed out Reta was the clear winner of this challenge. Third, Hurtful Words, constituting the whelps to prove their wit by delivering a clever insult while chewing on a hot stone from the fire pit. Fourth was the Squirmtongue challenge, completed by the whelps successfully gulping down a mouthful of mud while secluding a worm to prove the nimbleness of their teeth.

After all the whelps finished their challenges, Loptop then awarded each their badges and prepared them for their final rite to become true Licktoad goblins. Loptop addressed them, "You maybe think you be tough because you got out of your baby cage, whelps? Psht! You no be goblins. The only real goblins are Licktoads, and a Licktoad without a toad is just… lick So, if you want be Licktoads, you need to catch a toad at Tadpole Bog and also not die. Then you take the toad to Cave of Darkfear and also not die. Then you show your toad to the Darkfear spirit, and mayve if you really are a goblin, then you also not die. Get toad. Show spirit. Kill anything that wants to stop you. Don't die. That last part is very important." Loptop then sketched out a map, handing it to a whelp and shooing them on their way. 

So they began their journey. Upon reaching the Tadpole Bog, the whelps began catching frogs. After they all managed to catch their frogs, they then proceeded to follow their map to the Cave of Darkfear that they might become true Licktoads. However, they reached a log blocking their path, standing upon it Kettlehead. "Stupid baby wannabe goblins!" he cried, "You took toads from Kettlehead's special pond, and now you pay my price. Give me all your toads! And say you be stupid!" "I know you are, but what am I?!" Poog quickly retorted. Kettlehead immediately flew into a rage, attacking the other whelps along with his lackeys. Poog fell in the battle, but as did Kettlehead and his minions. 

Upon reaching the Cave of Darkfear (an old abandoned hunter's shack), the whelps presented their toads to the spirit of darkfear (the hunter's skeleton) and sang their personal song, making them full goblins. They were attacked by grabby cats (raccoons) and quickly dispatched them. They then headed back to the village to celebrate their success.

On the way back however, they came across a wagon stuck in the mud, with a frustrated half-elf woman wearing crazy colors attempting to get out of the mud to proceed on her way. Upon seeing this, the goblins immediately attacked her, killing her and then looting the wagon. They found various useful items as well as a map and a sparkly letter.

They returned to the village with their new loot in tow and showed it off to Loptop, who had just been telling them to prepare to attack the stranger that someone had spotted beforehand. The map and letter were taken to the village chief, his graciousness Rendwattle Gutwad, and the village was gathered before him in order to prepare them all for a raid on the location marked on the map. All the goblins cheered, knowing they would be able to defeat the evil magic that could create such sparkly words, and prepared for a full attack after a short rest for all the newly ordained goblins to prepare.

The goblins raided the location, finding that it was a Halfling wedding making it a perfect raiding opportunity! They killed most of the guests, with only a few managing to escape. The PCs also managed to defeat a vile dog, being awarded with seats near chief Gutwad at the after raid celebration.


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