Journey's Heir

The Beginning of the End

Sandpoint. Just a small, simple town where a lot of adventurers come through in search of fame, fortune, and glory. This is the simplest place to begin as the most threatening thing in the area is a few scattered goblin tribes. Usually.

While each person who lives and comes here has different beginnings, those who live the town want a simple life, and those who pass through want to start their journeys simply. Such is the same for Anton, Khemosh, Ro'Gath, and Galadrian. While all of them didn't begin in this town they simply live quietly in this small town. 

The date is Lamashan the 29th. A normal day like any other. However, on this day, there's news. A group of adventurers who recently explored the Brinestump Marsh in order to eliminate the goblin menace, found old Tian shipwrecks as well as a cave containing some Tian warrior remains and some treasure, most likely from one of the ships. One of the weapons they recovered had a letter hidden in the hilt written in Tien and they gave it to Ameiko Kaijitsu, the patron of the Rusty Dragon Inn, as it had the name Rokuro Kaijitsu scrawled at the bottom. 

Upon receiving and reading the letter, Ameiko got incredibly excited and gathered a few friends to recruit some close allies in order to find what the letter may be talking about. She could only imagine what sort of strange legacy might be hidden in the "warding box" mentioned in the note. Tracking down a family secret and going on an adventure was far too much of a temptation for Ameiko as well as the recruits, who accepted quite quickly.

However, just as everyone left to make preparations before heading off, something grave was going on. The townspeople were in a frenzy, fleeing from the church. The adventurers who delivered the note to Ameiko, as well as the group, went to go see what was happening. There upon the church they saw a great, dark jackal-like beast. They group quickly fleed, as the adventurers rushed to try and hold the beast off. On their way out of town, the group got split up, and Galadrian, Anton, and Ro'Gath came across some strange and pale kobolds. They were able to defeat one but not without taking heavy damage. As the rest of the group found them and had the caravan ready to move out, they quickly retreated and managed to escape. They made their way to Magnimar, and were just fine.



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