Journey's Heir

The Goblin Hunt

(There's Also a Warden)

Having just been dispatched by the Azure Legion, a large and famous Adventurers' Guild, Kyra, Sajan, and Amiri arrived in the small town of Sandpoint. While each had their own reason to be adventuring, they all wanted the help the people of Sandpoint with their most recent problem. The goblins in the southern swamp had acquired fireworks and this new firepower was making them extremely brave. Some other people had ventured into the marsh to try to put a stop to this goblin menace, but none had returned. Now it was your turn with the lure of your wealth and glory whispering to you.

Having accepted this quest, the party set off for the marsh in search of a man living in the swamp who called himself "The Warden of the Swamp". An odd title, and surely an odd one, but he would probably be able to assist them on their quest to find and eliminate the goblin scourge. As they journeyed through the swamp, they noticed many strange things, and finally they saw some human sized footprints going just off the path. While this seemed suspicious, they decided to check it out just in case it was the warden. After following the trail for a while they cam across a small hut made of mud and twigs, but big enough for a person or 2 to fit inside. They check inside, seeing poorly preserved heads and furs of various animals, and even some people. Disgusted, they figured maybe it was hit hut and he was just a bit crazy so they decided to wait.

Until they were attacked. The hovel had been the home of a sinspawn and to protect its home it attacked them but out of vain, for it quickly lost its life. The party returned to the trail to follow it further to try and find the hermit once again. Eventually they found a small well-tended shack near the coast. This must be where he lives.

They knocked on the door, when a halfling answered. "Oh! Welcome to my home! Is there any way I can help you?" They asked him for directions to the goblin village, and while he happily obliged, he seemed as if he was in a hurry to shoo them off and was extremely nervous and shifty. They insisted on asking to see a map, so he invited them in for tea. After some discussion, they were able to get directions from them, but after how suspicious he was acting they knew something was up so Sajan explored the house while the others distracted him. He was unable to find anything of note, but when Kyra stepped out to see how he was doing, the halfling quickly drew a handaxe on Amiri now that she was alone. She intimidated him to the point that he simply held the weapon and cowered, though he eventually attacked, and they quickly dispatched of him. After killing him, he turned into a small gray and twisted creature.

After the combat ended, Sajan went back upstairs to try and check again, a little more thoroughly, and he heard the cries of someone calling from the bedroom. Upon checking the bedroom he found a halfling — this one looking just the same as the one that had attacked them earlier. After realizing he was saved, he thoroughly thanked them and gave them any info that they needed. He also offered to join them on their quest, and his home if they needed to retreat for a rest. They thankfully obliged, and so Walthus joined them on their goblin hunt.He led them toward the goblin village, when they were suddenly ambushed by a small pack of goblins! After defeating them, they continued onward until they made it to the village. Though this was the goblin village something seemed off. The walls had been torn down, there were no goblins to be seen, and some of the huts had been burned and collapsed.



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