Journey's Heir

The Goblin Village

Carefully the began to explore the village.

They checked every room, making sure to kill any goblins they found, and found the main hall. The door was barred, and they were unable to force their way in, but Kyra found a secret path into the main  hall and after exclaiming, "Hey guys! There's a secret entrance over here!" The group was still cleaning out the rest of the village as Kyra ascended the ladder. She entered and found the village's treasury, and quickly packed up the gear. Among the gear, she found a fan that had a map drawn on the back of it showing the location of two shipwrecks as well as a cave.

She continued to explore from there and found the royal bedroom next, decorated with various animal pelts and trophies. Kyra entered the main hall just as the party was finishing off the last remaining goblin. She was met by arrows, swords, and a Desnan candle, quickly disabling here as she cried out. The rest of the party quickly ran to her aid and managed to save her and kill the goblins and chief that were hiding in the main hall. Though it was a long and hard fight, they all survived and returned to Walthus' hut in order to recover from their injuries.



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