Journey's Heir

The Remains

After looking at the map, Walthus was able to determine the location of the shipwrecks. They decided not to follow the tracks from the village, as something that essentially wiped out a goblin village was something they didn't want to deal with. So they set off for the nearest shipwreck.

Upon arriving at the site, they saw a ship, mostly intact, however it was recently burned. There was a fence around it suggesting that maybe it had been lived in. They examined the site and were able to find a small amount of readable text on the ship that read "Kaijitsu Star." Unable to find anything else of note, they headed towards the next ship. On their way they came across a worn down shack covered in lichen and fungus and well worn. They searched the shack to see if there was anything of interest and managed to find dire rats and a small rat like creature. They killed them, but the blow from Amiri Knocking down the door to the home caused the entire building to collapse, landing on Sajan. Finding anything of interest they could, they set off for the next ship. This ship was much larger than the other one, but was in even worse shape, as it was sundered in two and was mostly sunken. There were a few human skeletons around the ship, and after dispatching them, they searched for anything of note, only being able to find a nameplate dubbing the ship the "Kaijitsu's Blossom."

Their next destination, the cave to the south, was easy enough to spot, though the entrance was covered in a thick mesh of nettles. After entering inside, Kyra lit a rock and Amiri's weapon so that they could see as they explored. They dispatched a giant spider, as well as a giant amoeba as they searched the cave. They came across a room that looked as though people had lived their last moments here, as a few skeletons littered the area. 

In the final area, they found a skeleton clad in samurai armor sitting on top of a regal chest, completely motionless. As they approached, it animated, challenging the barbarian to a duel. She hastily accepted and told the others to stand aside so she could prove herself. The samurai proved too much for her however, and upon knocking her unconscious, the others quickly leapt into action to protect her and eliminate the skeleton. Checking his gear and the chest, they found many Tien treasures.

The adventurers returned to Sandpoint, a job well done, and went to a magic shop to get the items appraised for a small fee. After some examination, it was discovered that the broken hilt of the sword that the samurai had wielded contained a letter. The letter was written in Tien though, so none of them could read it. As they went to the Rusty Dragon in order to think about how they were going to decipher the letter, there was suddenly a mass panic in the town.

People were screaming and fleeing to the southeast. The part, being the adventurers and well to do people they were quickly ran off to search for the source and try to put an end to it. They made it to the church and on top of it they saw something terrifying.

Though they knew not what it was or where it came from someone had to stop it; or at least slow it down so that the townspeople could get away. They attempted to halt it, but its overwhelming might was too much for them and they perished.



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